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Korean culture is interesting and full of traditions. You find peace in this place, and the harmony that brings the beauty that we see now is a historical fruit that is long and bittersweet. After the end of world war 2, Korea was divided into two sections known as South Korea and North Korea. In the beginning, he formerly practiced communism, but later, he didn’t take any interest in it. Soth Korea is bigger in terms of size and population than North Korea. Another name of South Korea is the Republic of Korea, while North Korea is named the Democratic People’s republic of Korea. The country remained in the war due to this division. In fact, at present, males are bound to take the army’s training after a certain age. In this way, they serve the government for two years. Due to this reason, some men stop schooling, and after a certain time, they peruse it again.


Both countries use the Korean language known as Hangul. It is understood by everyone that there are slight differences in both nations. Hangul is one of those languages that are well planned and the best in the world. It is very easy t learn hangul; that is why the literacy rate in Korea is high.


There are two major beliefs in terms of religion that are followed in Korea. In South Korea, Buddhism is an old religion, but nowadays, it is declining due to the popularity of Christianity. People are taking an interest in Christianity now. It spread rapidly, but the king before considered it a threat to Korea. That is what Catholics are persecuted.

The protestant entered Korea in the 19th century. But now, it is proud that Korea has become the country with the largest number of churches.


Korea preserved its traditions very well. That is why Korea is a rich country in terms of traditions. Korean culture is also family-oriented and conservative same as some Asian countries. Although Korea is on a way f modernism now, they didn’t forget their old traditions and way of life; they still follow it somehow. In fact, in rural areas, houses are made traditionally. Their language plays an important role in preserving their values and norms because it values their social life and respect. You choose the words to whom you are talking, and it makes Korea very unique.

Learning anything Korean is very interesting and fun. It makes you able to learn from a well-mannered culture. You can apply for one or two things from abroad. One of the important things in their language which makes you realize how much beauty is hidden without any language barriers.

South Korea is the lesser-known country between the nation of China and Japan. Sometimes it is ignored as the region’s destination, but South Korea is a wonderful place t visit in Asia.

After world war 2, when Republic f Korea was separated from its sister nation named North Korea, it became a democratic country in 1948. in 1950 north attracted the south, leading to the Korean war until both countries signed a cease-fire in 1953. Soth and North Korea have the same traditions, but South Korea has become a modern country. Western culture that is a global economic leader, influenced Korea in the last half-century.

The population of South Korea is about 48 million whom which about 12 million people lived in and around the capital and largest city, Seoul. Soth Korea is slightly larger than Indiana, and it has an area of 38,463 miles. The climate of this area is very mild throughout the year, and residents enjoy all of the four seasons. Most of Korea’s landscape is mountainous, and rural areas are fully covered with flushes of fields, but you can find rice fields in some valleys, the country’s main crop.

Attractive Places in Korea

  1. Many attractions in the country attract different types of travelers. In Seoul, one of the famous places is gyeongbokgung Palace. The location of this palace is about 600 years old. Due to invasions and hostile takeovers, this building had been rebuilt many times. This palace is rich in history, once the home of kings and rulers, enjoys a large number of visitors each year.
  2. Denilitrired zone, or DMZ, is the most most popular attraction of Korea in Panmunjom. Located on the 38th parallel, this is the rea where the democratic southern communist meets the northern. Here you will see propaganda from both sides of the border. See what the north wants visitors to see as Korea’s stable, developing society full of vast buildings and highways, but really like a slow, oppressed society as the south has shown. Many South Korean families live in North Korea, but they have had no contact with them for over 50 years. Travel and communications at both sides are not allowed, and it is hoped that be a day they will open the border once again.
  3. You can visit the Incheon landing operation memorial hall in the city of Incheon, situated in Seoul. This site commemorates General Douglas Macarthur’s military operation that led to the liberation of Seoul during the war of Korea. There are also recreational and marine attractions in the surrounding area for tourists to enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed this article and now you have much information about South Korea’s traditions, norms, and attractions.