Everything You Need to Know About Korean Dramas

Korean dramas, also known as Korean dramas in non-standard languages, are Korean TV series produced in South Korea, which has about 16 to 20 episodes. Korean culture has been heavily influenced recently because we have the greatest artists in all aspects and examples from Korea? I don’t think you need examples because you already know – the one and only great K-pop boy band BTS, followed by many other K-pop groups and solo artists.

You may be wondering what makes Korean culture so dominant and authoritative. The answer to this question is simple. The propriety of the plot is the most important quality, accompanied by a dazzling and beautiful cast and their greatest fashion skills. Dramas tend to focus on old-fashioned romance, but they mostly focus on romance rather than bedroom scenes, and are staged in public, much like western culture in movies. Other types of Korean series include action, history, mental illness, school, law, and even horror comedy. The dominant themes of this series are friendship, emphasis on love, death, traditional culture, family and even personal property, which ultimately leads to personal growth. Most of them are relaxed and emotional, surrounded by surreal fantasies. The theme is very relevant to the audience, so there is a sense of belonging. This connection is so close to the storyline that people are waiting for the show to arrive.

The story always revolves around a young, charming and wealthy male protagonist who is looking for his “true love” and comes into contact with the beautiful but relatively not so rich heroine. With this storyline, every ordinary girl dreams of a higher standard of love in her life. And with the sense of attachment, every girl and boy can feel the feelings of the male lead; they can literally be in their shoes and experience all the heavenly creations made by our typical screen couple From ecstasy, excitement, sadness, reaction, excitement and interference, we can imagine in them. While this hasn’t happened in real life, it still gives us hope.

However, the soundtrack is a feast for the ears. Even for international fans, the song is indeed a huge effort to learn Korean, and it’s an easy step too. Learning languages ​​from Korean dramas has become a trend. People started talking in Korean as if this were their only property. But let’s not forget the delicious food. Of course the food is delicious, and there are more fans than actors. A romantic dinner night filled with ramen and shochu as a drink will never be complete. Fried rice cakes (rice cakes), Korean fried chicken, dumplings, kimchi fried rice and many other artifacts are also very popular. When you see people eating these treats on your TV, your craving is unparalleled.

You may have a question: where can I watch this wonderful combination of fashion, charming young people, music, plot and food? The popularity of Korean dramas increases with the platforms they are viewed on. In other words, you watch this series because you can. The resources available to you are some websites: KissAsian, Dramacool, ViewAsian and some excellent platforms, such as Netflix, YouTube, WeTV, Viki, Viu, etc. Asian drama is indeed what people are looking for right now. Indeed, these series are conducive to personal development and personal well-being. We have a duty to produce to make our lives better.


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