How to Lose Fat With Korean Noodles

A very famous Korean noodle is making headlines these days, the Shirataki noodles. These noodles have caused quite a stir in the diet food world as the second best way to lose weight. Shirataki noodles contain no fat or carbohydrates. They also contain no calories and sodium. Famous chefs use these noodles and are looking for delectable dishes to use them. These noodles can be used for weight loss and can also help solve digestive problems.

Korean Shirataki noodles are made from the flowers of the Kuniyaku or Konjac plant. The flower base or root is rich in fiber called glucomannan. This fiber is highly soluble and can effectively slow down digestion. By slowing down digestion, we can make food spend more time in the digestive tract. Then the nutrients are fully absorbed and the absorption of sugar and starch becomes much slower, giving our body time to produce insulin in a more natural way. This keeps our metabolism up.

If we eat normal sugary or starchy foods every day, our body’s blood sugar will rise quickly, causing us to produce too much insulin. This is where we feel a sudden spike in energy and a glitch shortly after. This can be a downfall because when we collapse, we start wanting more sugary foods to replenish and regain energy. This is not healthy. Our cholesterol levels can rise and we can also suffer from adult diabetes and other health problems.

The fiber in Korean noodles helps to cleanse fat deposits and toxins in the colon and digestive tract. This plant has been used to relieve constipation and help solve many health problems by helping to detoxify the body. Through this process, we begin to feel better and more energetic. So not only do we cleanse our body, we also regulate our metabolism, which is a surefire factor for weight loss.

For centuries, East Asian Shirataki noodles have been the staple food of people. These noodles are the basis of several delicious Korean noodles. They are not only suitable for Asian dishes, but can also replace traditional American pasta. Now you can eat a second plate of pasta or spaghetti without the guilt or the extra weight that comes with it. These noodles are a healthy addition to any diet because they are free of calories and gluten. Korean noodles are a sinless way to enjoy pasta!

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