Korean Cuisine’s Knock Out Recipes

Korean recipes are a unique experience. The food is mainly based on seafood, spicy and bold taste, rice and pickled food. For those who don’t like heated entries, please stay away from Korean recipes.

Due to South Korea’s geographic location, seafood is an important part of Korean recipes. South Korea is located on the peninsula and seafood is readily available. It also serves cold cuts such as beef, pork and chicken. Grilled shellfish and raw fish are usually served. Initially, in Korean culture, seafood was eaten by the poor, while livestock was eaten by the rich. Beef ribs are also very popular and very tasty. Every part of the pig is used for cooking, including the intestines and head. Everything is cooked in a certain way with no waste. Most meat is grilled, giving it a unique charcoal flavor.

Koreans have a tradition of preserving and using large amounts of food in Korean recipes. Pickled foods keep them longer and give them a strong and interesting flavor. Fermentation is another way of preserving food. Kimchi is an example of a well-known and beloved fermented dish. Kimchi is fermented cabbage, usually very spicy. There are many other types of kimchi available. Another popular kimchi is made with cucumbers, radishes, and green onions.

Korean restaurants are known for offering many side dishes to their guests. Before ordering from the menu, there are usually 6-8 different side dishes. They are usually served in small bowls, similar to ramen noodles. Some side dishes include kimchi, seaweed salad, bean sprouts and soup. Rice is also an important cultural event and is served with every meal. Rice is even used to make Korean desserts, such as cakes.

Korean recipes are distinguished by their unique flavors. Garlic is widely used and it makes the food absolutely amazing. Sesame oil and soy sauce are also used. Much of the flavor comes from all chili sauces, which is why food is often so spicy. Ginger, sesame and green onions find their way into the dishes. All these rich and rich flavors make the dishes stand out and become irresistible.

Tea and alcoholic drinks are an important part of the kitchen. Rice wine is very popular and can be enjoyed hot or cold and usually tastes better when heated. Keep in mind that the taste of rice wine is not like regular wine, it is an acquired taste for many people. Barley, ginger, ginseng and corn are used to make various teas.

Korea has a history of eating dogs. The dog is either roasted or cooked in a stew. Many people think this is a joke, but it is a fact. Many people in the country still eat dogs, but over time, other livestock becomes more popular. Keep in mind that these dogs usually belong to different breeds. There is a misconception that they eat pets. Koreans keep dogs as pets, but don’t eat dogs.

Top Korean Restaurants in Argentina

Argentina is home to 22,000 Koreans, so Korean cuisine is very popular in the country. For those tired of pizza and empanadas or looking for diversity, Buenos Aries offers some delicious Korean restaurants.

Bi Won restaurant is probably the most popular Korean restaurant, known for its delicious dishes and friendly atmosphere. The breakfast menu offers a variety of Korean delicacies to meet all your needs. If you dine here, don’t miss the bibimbap made with rice and vegetables. Other popular dishes include grilled meats, including beef tenderloin with garlic, pepper, mushrooms, and of course marinated soy sauce. The prices seem staggering, ranging from $60 to $100. This is no doubt not an affordable place, but it is well worth a visit. For those lost in translation, the restaurant offers a family menu, including a variety of dishes that can be delivered to your door.


When you dine here, you may taste the best dishes, including gogi gui (grilled meat), Korean roast beef, pork, and of course, a great Korean barbecue. Meat dishes are tastier than you think, but they are usually accompanied by chili, garlic and soy sauce. Dinner costs about US$80.

Korean restaurant Sinko

Sinko is probably the biggest Korean restaurant and even celebrates festivals here. It can be an ideal place for the Korean community or people who like spicy food or barbecue. This excellent restaurant offers Korean picada, a mix of white fish, rice and cabbage, and of course many of the hottest red peppers and chili sauce. It’s so spicy that people laugh and cry about it. So be careful, if you can’t eat very spicy, tell the waitress in advance. After the spicy food, the delicious iced coffee is the best choice. The hottest food will cost you about $70.

Estilo Colano

This is a great restaurant but the price is dazzling you could hit your pocket. In fact, Estilo Coreano is a modern elite restaurant with colorful female portraits hanging on the walls. The restaurant upholds Korean traditions, plate by plate. Traditional Korean cuisine is not complete without spicy soup and yakitori. In addition, the best restaurants offer delicious desserts, in Buenos Aires it is called brownie, which means chocolate cake. It is known as the most popular Korean restaurant in Buenos Aires. Whether you like Korean, Asian or Spanish cuisine, Argentina can fulfill all your needs.

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