Visiting a Korean Restaurant and Other Attractions

Traveling is always exciting, especially if the place you are going to is a new place for you. One of the most popular foreign countries is Seoul, South Korea. This is due to the rich culture, the progressive country and the friendly people. Their famous Korean cuisine is also a must try. Moreover, this place is said to be full of wonders and attractions. Therefore, if you want to see what you will see there, the place below should be in your list.

National Museum

If you want to learn more about their culture first, you should go to their National Museum. Their relics include ancient clothing, statues, books, and other valuables.

eastern gate

As we all know this is an excellent area with the best street market. They have yarns, fabrics, clothing, accessories and other items for sale. If you like shopping, you can indulge yourself here. It is easy to find as it is in the center of town.

Tower of Seoul

It is perhaps the counterpart of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The peak is 262 meters in Nanshan Park, 480 meters above sea level. Standing on top of it and witnessing the beautiful scenery will surely amaze you.


After being in awe of the tower, you can also go up to the tallest building. It has 63 floors and the observatory is on the 60th floor. It has an IMAX theater, a conference hall and an aquarium. While having fun, look for a Korean restaurant to taste local delicacies. You can get there by train from several stations.

Folk Village

To enjoy their culture more, you can go to their folk village to see the old Korean traditional houses. There is also a craft shop where you can see artists using their creative methods to make metal products, wood products, fans and other crafts. It also has an art museum where you can see the performers of their traditional dances and games.

Besides visiting these attractions, you can also learn more about their traditional acupuncture and cupping. If you are very willing, you better give it a try and feel its relaxing and healing effects. If you like spa, then their oven sauna is also a must.

Of course, if you don’t get one of their souvenirs to remind you of a wonderful trip, your trip will never be complete. What are you waiting for? Visit this amazing country now!

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