Chiaksan Hiking, Seoul Korea

Korea is not a large country. This is about the size of Min Minnesota for my fellow Yankees. But you know what they think: big things often come in small packages. One of the advantages of living in such a geographically compact location is that you can travel to any part of the country on a day or weekend. If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure but just want to leave for a day or a weekend, check out Gang Gangwon-do, Korea is a great choice. Read on for details and instructions!

A mountain of beauty and myth

Jirrison and seorraksan are known as the best mountain ranges in Korea if you want to visit. These places are worthy 9f their reputations and are famous for their beauty, but there is huge traffic of hikers. Chiaksan is not as thrilling as these more famous compatriots, but it still makes a valuable destination and – bonus! – It’s too small a crowd. About 30 km from wonju, chiaksan is located in Gangwon-do. In addition to Korea’s most remote and abandoned trailheads, the chiaksan base is a busy place. You will find a line of shops and sellers selling everything from delivery pearls and Buddhist trinkets to Kimchi pancakes and rice wine.

It may be a good idea to make fuel before you hike, and kimchi pancakes that stir on the griddles are sure to satisfy a hungry stomach.

Once you pass through the hustle and bustle of this mountain market, you will reach the gates of chiaksan. The entrance fee in chiaksan per person is 2500 won in cash only.

Guryeongsa Temple is not far from the gate of chiaksan.

This template is medium size built complex during the Silla dynasty. Perched on a steep hillside, you enter the temple precincts through a pavilion, large wooden statues of the “four heavenly guardians” looking down at you, and then take a steep flight of stairs to the Guryeongsa Temple.

Like most Korean temples, the air will be weakened by the incense and the monks will echo through the temple walls with their prayer pool. Spending a few minutes before setting off on your journey it is a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

Hiking and trails

It’s a 5km hike to Birobong, the height of chiaksan from Guryeongsa Temple. About half of this hiking trail is easily accessible, while half is really hiking.

You can walk through the lush pine forests, through the quiet bamboo groves, into the valleys where the trail runs along a bubble mountain stream, or cross between the two.

The hike gets steep from Seryeong waterfall that is the base of chiaksan mountain from 2 km. I’m talking about the Jekyll and Hyde change from the first part of the hike, so if you’re intending on tackling to the top of chiaksan, make sure you are well equipped.

If you are not facing the challenge, there is a beautiful botanical garden located between seryeong Falls and Guryeongsa Temple. It’s really a very relaxing and beautiful place.

So whenever you want a break from Seoul, and you have no idea to adventure a beautiful place just select chiaksan for your next adventure. It’s one of the most secret places in Korea and the most beautiful place.

Getting there

Until you have access to your own transportation, wonju is going to be the center of your operation for the trip to chiaksan. Take a bus for wonju and exit out in front of wonju. Take a bus number 2-1, 31, 33, or 35. Anyone of these buses will drop you at a stop calling “sanghanjuyooso”.

From sanghanjuyooso, you will change the bus to 41 or 41-1. It will be a 10 min journey to the wonju and another 30-35 minutes to reach chiaksan.

Chiaksan is the final destination of bus number 41 or 41-1. The fare of this bus is 1200 won per trip, but your T-money card (a public transit card available at most convenience stores and most bus and train stations – a must if you’re traveling in Korea) also works for payment of the fare.

There are many places other than chiaksan and Korean. I’ve been able to share the journey of chiaksan for adventure. We hope you enjoyed this article and if you want to read more interesting and informational articles please pay me a visit to my website. Thank you!

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