Factrs to Consider when Choosing Car Wash Location

Speed Limit

One of the first things I learned from my assessment of places as a trade immobilizer was that the speed limit before the potential location was about equal to the quantity of traffic. My mentor isn’t too enthusiastic about this possible venue, however, I would look at a prospective site and exclaim “Wow” this place has 30 000 cars per day. Many of the locations I thought originally were not so attractive after all since a high-speed restriction didn’t make it simple to enter and leave. These locations were on a well-traveled road between good department stores. The speed limit was impaired from being attracted to the site by prospective consumers. This does not mean if there are other good location signs, that all higher speed restrictions should eliminate the assessment of a potential site. Speed limitations beyond 35 MPH make many retailers less engaging at 45 mph, but still relatively acceptable, should also have other powerful incentives for going ahead 55 mph. Fewer speed restrictions of 25 mph and 35 mph are always the most desired in the strong retail areas.

Divided roads, rolling roads, and other road characteristics.

Many of the things you examine while choosing a place are common sense. If a car has difficulties entering or departing its intended site due to present issues or suggested variables, the total success of your business will be achieved. You should take this into account while evaluating the property if you are on a 4-lane highway with a medium band or with little capacity to convert to the property from either direction. On a split highway, I should want to take a closer look at the number of people on the side of the road you are on. If a vehicle has to do a U-turn or some other unusual maneuver to reach your site, the total success of the location will be adverse. Although many of your clients see your business as a location for cleaning their vehicles, they are just as many consumers who buy impetus and will lose impulse when the road conditions prevent them from readily fulfilling their impetus. Some concerns on the road conditions are as follows:

  1. Can traffic from either direction become my planned location? If not, how much does traffic enter or leave the property easily?
  2. A rotating track allows the location to be altered.
  3. Is located on the same roadside as other companies of anchor type, i.e. supermarket, bank, etc..
  4. The number of lanes on the route you are going to be on.
  5. Is a traffic signal or stop sign in the vicinity

Corner Properties

Corner homes, for obvious reasons, have several advantages. Especially since it takes traffic on two roads instead of one. It also simplifies access. A number of retail companies are most wanted for corner property on two main highways. Notice in any particular city and at the corner, you’ll see petrol stations, pharmacies, banks, fast-foods, and other high leases. When I built my washroom (not on an angle), a place was in the corner with a closed gas station. I ended up developing the property approximately 2.5 times more expensive and having to do some restoration work (gas tanks removed, etc). For not buying the property, I still punish myself. A year later, a drugstore purchased two more properties and now has a magnificent presence on two well-traveled carriages. Some of the disadvantages of corner homes are that they are typically much more expensive and are not large enough to accommodate your washing space.

Complete not exclude a corner property for costs or restricted space unless you do the right study. If your parcel is not large enough and combines two properties, you can perform an “assemblage” like the drugstore in my area. Of course, you will have to make agreements for an assemblage with two landowners. Corner sites can give advantages to the property for various entrances and exits.

Traffic lights

On the site analysis form, if it is closer to a traffic light, we rank a site higher. This is because there is a lot of traffic in the traffic lights and it slows or stops vehicles in front of you. During peak vehicle washing periods you should drive onto the market (myself late afternoon and late evening, Saturday and Sunday between 9 AM to 6 pm) and then assess the traffic.

Curb Cuts

It is better if you can have two curb cuts in your area. One to enter and one to leave (ingress and egress). The more traffic you get to your place, the more accessible the location.

There is plenty of parking on the property (stacking room)

Your property must demonstrate that you can handle a large number of cars using your services. I am around 20 days a year in my area of the nation, after a snowstorm and thaw, where my lot is packed with a large number of my employers waiting for different services. The ability to stack automobiles these days increases your potential to create higher gross revenue. For automated bays, I would have allowed at least 4 vehicles and for self-service bays with vacuums, at least 1-2 cars. Instead of its car wash parking, many municipal authorities need a certain stacking capacity.


It is vital that you can be seen and identifiable from a huge retail cluster. I am familiar with how this may affect a location’s overall performance. I have a very prominent site that meets the retail environment. I have one. The visible location is 4 or 5 times higher than the visible place. Whilst other elements also contribute to overall performance, the overall success of your car washing is evident by your visibility. Ideally, the property will be visible both ways and enable you to separate yourself from other companies in the neighborhood. Your signage and structural visibility are great. Preferably, while you are going down the road, your location provides a 500 ft. line in either direction.

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