In Korea’s point of view Previous Life is fanatasy or reality?


There is no doubt that returning the client to a “past life” can be a cure. But does that mean the client went back to real life dozens or hundreds of years ago? Never. This journey is tantamount to believing that you have been kidnapped on a flying saucer and painted by aliens. Past life therapy pays homage to the human imagination. And a metaphorical way of dealing with the problems of the present age. However, it is ridiculous to think that you remember that the hypnosis shot an arrow into your neck when you were with Robin Hood that today you could cure mysterious neck pain. Yet such metaphorical journeys may actually have beneficial results (e.g., relief from neck pain) but unfortunately, “the use of past life treatments in professionals….May damage the reputation of licensed practitioners. “

South Korean Research

These are the results of two South Korean researchers whose experiments, published in the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, show how hypnotic articles are influenced by their culture and belief system when they have a “past life.” “I am hypnotized to go back. “

Although there is no evidence that people actually go back to past lives (and a lot of evidence that they don’t – see the famous Brady Murphy ** story, for example), there is no doubt that many people who have experienced hypnotic regression strongly believe that they have actually returned to the past.

Researchers have found that the “past life” is strongly influenced by culture and religion. For example, some Korean subjects in the study reported being animals in past lives, while none of the 110 subjects in the Canadian study reported being animals in the past.

Surprisingly for me, past beliefs in past lives were not associated with the greater production of memories of past lives. Non-believers create “memories” of past lives at the same rate. Much of what is seen or thought in the client’s mind comes from the hypnotist’s suggestions, combined with the hypnotized person’s background and nationality.

Hypnotic therapy of past lives creates imaginary concepts. And that’s why it can be so effective in tackling the current problem. There are endless possibilities when Human imagination is engaged in any process (i.e., hypnosis).  If you think that something that happened in a past life is affecting you in your present life, then a “visit” to a past life (of course, in your imagination) can really provide a metaphorical basis for real therapy. Hypnotherapy depends on the focused use of one’s imagination.

So the fantasy can affect your real life, and it does affect reality.


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Do you believe in a past life? We hope you enjoyed this article. We hope it enhanced your knowledge. Have you ever experienced a previous life journey?? If yes so share your experience with us. And don’t forget to give us feedback about this article.



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