K-drama vs Japanese series

Undeniably Asian cinemas are getting popular all over the world rapidly. Particularly Korean media is getting more popular. The global audience prefers to watch Korean stories, characters, and series. The success of Korean dramas has opened the door of success towards Japanese too. People watch them to engaging with Koreans.

Subject and genre

Most Japanese take up subjects that are known as taboo in Korean series. Japanese dramas are very insurgent in their series; their stories are all about a girl who can have sex and relations with more than one boy. They don’t consider it bad. They also make the content that a girl and boy can have sex and secret relationships with each other if their life partners are not loving them.

Korean dramas are limited to three genres; history, romance, and family. In this way, they can promote their history and culture all over the world. Koreans desire to teach their culture to Asians and all over the world through their series. Korean dramas may contain romance. Even if drama is based on a non-genre story there would be a little bit of a touch of romance. While in Japanese series they would not have any kind of romantic scenes if drama is non-genre. Japanese telecasts mystery, crime, and detectives.

Korean dramas are very fictional and utopian, or just a fairytale so the viewers can enjoy that imaginary world. While Japanese series are based on real stories they do not telecast fictional content. Some characters due to their appearance and intelligence are considered to be outcasts. Japanese industry wants to aware people of their social norms and their cultures. So they want to cast those actors that can make a beautiful picture of Japan.

The actors in the Korean series have the upper hand over the actors in the Japanese drama and have been training for years as actors. However, the Japanese actors put on a great performance, and they make faces funny and connect with the audience, which makes their performances more interesting.


Koreans focus on romance and romantic scenes more than the story itself. They have a more romantic element in their stories. For example, if two doctors are in the same hospital it is possible to see that they can fall in love. The story contains a more romantic environment more than the storyline required actually. The morals of the Korean series can be realized at the end so the viewers can hook themselves with the series till the last episode.

Japanese series focuses on real stories and they do not take any interest in different deviations. Even they can telecast a show without introducing the genre. The most interesting thing about Korean and Japanese series is that they can turn the story in an unpredictable way. They have many twists in their stories.

The morals of the stories reveal at the end. Every episode contains a beautiful message in itself. These messages are all about family, relationships, love, and friends. So everyone can enjoy the storyline till the last episode. This is the reason that people demand another part of the previous series.


Korean dramas are strict about kissing and touching each other while Japanese do not consider it wrong. Koreans are best at romance because they have a fairytale so viewers love the romance. While Japanese are practical in their drama. They mostly use a real-life story.

What do they show?

Japanese series show their cleanest environment. Japanese series is about Kung Fu, Karate, and other self-defense techniques. While Korea shows its traditions and culture.


A Korean series contains up to 16 to 20 episodes with a duration of 40 minutes to one hour. So the series can never fail to engage the viewers with it.

While Japanese series run-up to 10 to 12t episodes per season. They run it for a short time but with non-compromisable action. Japanese series is full of action. The duration of one episode of the Japanese series is 30 minutes to one hour. But nowadays Japanese series are resembling Korean series.

After realizing the difference between the Korean series and the Japanese series a viewer can argue that the Japanese series is more thrilling and interesting. So next time if you want to start a series you have to know that what kind of storylines do you like. And do not forget about popcorns.

We hope that you enjoyed the article. If you want to know more about Korean culture you can visit our previous articles.

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