Korean Women Volleyball Team in London Olympics

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London hosted the 2012 volleyball tournament. A maximum of 12 teams participated in this tournament. Brazil 2008 Olympics gold medal and united kingdom had qualified for 2012 London Summer Olympic. Interestingly, Britain has never participated in the Olympics, the World Cup, the World Championships, and the Olympic Games. In fact, Britain didn’t qualified for the European championship in 2007. The People’s Republic of China, Brazil, and Russia are favorites for the 2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games. China won a gold medal at the 2007 Girls Under-18 World Volleyball Championship in Mexico.
The United States expected to win its first world title in 2009. As a coach, Lang Ping – a former Chinese volleyball player who competed in the 1982 World Cup and the 1984 Olympics – the American women’s volleyball team trained hard for the 2009 World Cup in Tokyo (Japan).
From 1962 to 1967, Japan dominated international tournaments and the Asian nation’s players won two world championships. Venezuela qualifies for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, through the South American Pre-Olympics in Lima, Peru. For the first time, Venezuela beat Peru 3-2 (22-25, 27-25, 22-25, 25-22, 15-12). Interestingly, Venezuela has never competed in the World Championships or the Olympic Games. In 1982, Venezuela finished 5th in the Central American and Caribbean Games.
Russia has won seven World Championships four Olympic titles (Mexico 68, West Germany 72, USSR) ’80. , South Korea, 88) and (USSR 52, France 56, Brazil 60, Bulgaria 70, Uruguay 73, China 90, Japan 06).
In 1980, South Korea – one of the best volleyball teams in the world – did not make it to the Bulgarian pre-Olympics. Why? Between 1948 and 1987, in the 20th century, the anti-communist state of South Korea did not establish formal diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of Bulgaria. The tournament was part of the Olympic qualification system for the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games.
From 1952 to 1973, China did not participate in the World Championships the Asian Games (Jakarta ’62, Bangkok ’66, Bangkok 70) and (Moscow ’52, Paris ’56, Rio 60, Moscow ’62, Tokyo ’67, Sofia ’70). Because the People’s Republic of China was not a member of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB).
Volleyball is one of the most popular Olympic sports in South Korea, Hong Kong, North Korea, Japan, Thailand, and the republic of china.
The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea / North Korea – which won the Olympic bronze medal in Munich in 1972 – did not want to participate in the 1974 World Championships. The team did not compete in the 1975 Asian Cup in Melbourne (Australia).
Romania’s women’s volleyball squad won a gold medal in the 1980 World Olympic qualifiers in Varna (Bulgaria). Final Rating:
1. Romania
2. Bulgaria
3. Brazil
4. North Korea
5. Hungary
6. Mexico
The People’s Republic of China finished 14th out of 24 countries in the 1974 FIVB World Championships. In the 1980s, China became the first country to win eight major volleyball tournaments:
1980: China boycotted the Moscow Olympics
1981: Japan World Cup-1st place
1982: Peru World Championships-1st place
1984: Los Angeles Summer Olympic Games-1st place
1985: Japan World Cup-1st place
1986: Czechoslovakia World Championships-1st place
1988: South Korea Olympic Games-3rd place
1989: Japan World Cup- 3rd place
South Korea won the FIVB Under-20 World Championship in 1977 in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Korea beats China for gold For the first time, three volleyball teams from Asia competed in the final (Korea, China, and Japan). Mexico hosts the 2007 Girls Youth World Championships. There were 16 teams Puerto Rico, Germany, Italy, Russia, Dominican Republic, Serbia, South Korea, Belarus, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Peru, China, USA, Tunisia, and Turkey.
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