Life of an English Teacher in Korea

I live in Gyeongju, South Korea. I teach English in a private institute in Korea. I’ll give you a brief tip on where you can expect to work when you arrive in South Korea. If you are looking for a job as an English teacher in South Korea, you can teach in public schools run by the government of Korea, or you can teach in private academies known as hagwon. Moreover, working in public schools is a great opportunity they have a better environment and more benefits. The people who work in hagwon as private teachers teach in the afternoon and at night. I personally work from 2 pm to 10 pm. It may seem irritating and tiring, but it’s fun for private employees; it gives you the freedom not given by public schools. They work from 8 am to 5 pm without any free space.

General working situations for both working places are as follow:

Working hours: They teach 120 hours per month

Salary: their salary is about 2,100,000 Korean won per month.

Airfare paid from your country, and return home after completing your contract.

Accommodation is provided – be careful with that! I got a bad deal here.

Medical insurance is provided: 50% insurance is paid by schools, and the other half is paid by you.

General visa assistance

Here I will share some amazing facts about Korea with you.

South Korea is an interesting state, and it’s a strong mix of eastern and western cultures. I live in a town that has a population of 250,000 people. It is a tiny town according to Korean standards. There are many western outlets and 2 McDonalds in this town. The most common favorites among Korean children are pizza and pasta.

Generally, Koreans are very nice to foreigners, and they love to live with them.  I didn’t have any problems with any Koreans, and when I needed help, I was given accommodation.

The other name of Gyeongju is Kyongju. It is not a common name here, but it can pop up at any event or occasion.

In short, Korea is really a very interesting, amazing, and nice country to live in. It can give you many surprising situations, and in my experience, it gave me many surprising situations. It is gorgeous, and relatively if you are well qualified, there will be no hardship to get a job as a teacher here. It’s been three months since me living here, but I am in love with this country. It teaches me different lessons daily. I assure you that whenever you visit Korea, you will fall in love with its beauty, people, and culture.

The experience of Gyeongju is really very amazing for me, and it’s the best to experience of my life. People are very loving and caring. They don’t leave you in hardships, in fact, and they love to help foreigners. They love to make new friends, especially foreigners. If you smile at them or greet them, they will ask you many questions, and they will try to be your friend. So, it’s not hard to make new friends in Korea. That’s why I have many Korean friends here, and they are very nice to me.

As a teacher, I love to teach them English. Because they pick up things fastly and if you make a mistake they will never make a joke of it, and they will appreciate you for your efforts.

Ever you visited Korea? If yes so share your experience with us. If you want to know more about Gyeongju and south Korea, pay a visit to our website. We hope you like this article. Kindly share your feedback with us.

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