My Personal Experience Of traveling in South Korea

Get ready for cultural shocks related to south Korea

When I arrived in Korea, I fell in love with it because the wifi was free everywhere. Let’s discuss something else rather than the internet. their transports are awesome. At every destination, English is spoken. But I couldn’t adjust myself to it because their culture was totally different. Sometimes ago I didn’t know anything about Korea. But one of my friends told me that until you don’t have any friend or relative in Korea or any type of research from very trustworthy resources you wouldn’t have any idea about what to do next.

Now I am not in Korea, but it’s time to give honest feedback about Korea. assume it is like a soapbox, but it’s a blunt one. People will share an only a good experience with you about south Korea but, there are also some bad sides of it that no one discusses’. If you want to go to Korea you should know about the bad sides too because you may need help there. Let’s start with the good ones.

Charge your mobile anywhere

You can charge your phone from anywhere and anytime. If you are not home or in any way just go to a convenience shop and handover them your phone. they will charge it for you.

When my friend handed over her phone, I was shocked that how she can trust those Korean persons. I said to her that what will you d if they steal it to runaway. she asked me to be calm. And it was the opposed of what I thought. after some time that person came back and returned her phone back. I was amazed that it is it possible because I never saw anything like this before. then I realized that Korean traditions are based n trust. the secret behind their success is that they trust each other. I was impressed by this technological orientation.

it makes your walk-in everything

By all means, I mean. Meanwhile, this kind of technological orientation contributes to Koreas development,  on the other side, there are those who face challenges of planting everything while walking. I literally saw a boy face to face by a glass wall because he was s much busy on his phone and then expected the laughter of his friend and mine also.

This is something you will see rarely in this world. there may be people who walk occasionally. But in Korea, almost every citizen faces this problem.

To find Gangnam style is going to be really very hard for you.

In my whole journey, I remember I have heard “Gangnam style” just for once, it was also a famous ringtone too. It was shocking for me that it was one of the most hit songs all over the world. but in its mother country, it was totally absent.

But the next thing was too shocking. PSY was the supporter of every product. Even your mobile covers and socks also. you can find anything that is marketed by PSY. Maybe people like his personality instead of his songs, but it’s in my opinion.

Koreans asks a lot of personal questions

It became a cultural shock for me that evening. I have a habit of greeting everyone with an occasional hi and smiling at everyone. I did the same things in Korea but it became an issue for me because when I greet them they asked a lot of personal questions. they wanted to know more about me. then I realize that it is a part of their culture.

When you greet a Korean and smile at them they think that you are taking interest in them. Then they ask you some personal questions like, what is your age? from where are you? do you have any religion? do you have any boyfriend or any girlfriend? they ask lots of questions so that they can know more about you to become a good friend of you. It’s a normal thing there.

Matching outfits

It is a great thing to fall in love in Korea. I fell in love with that country. Koreans think that if you are dating someone for 100 days continuously, you have to wear matching outfits. Wearing matching outfits does not mean that you wear matching jeans and shirts it means matching your cap your shoes and everything should be the same. I misunderstood about a couple. they were wearing a uniform from a cafe but after a few minutes, I realized that they are not. Thank god I didn’t ask them anything.

Koreans eat on the same plate

It was also a shocking thing for me that I have traveled to many countries but I never saw anything like this except some Muslim cultures. Koreans do not eat on separate plates. They think by sharing they are not just sharing their meals but also their thoughts. Although it’s strange it’s a wonderful fact of their culture. But if you are not feeling comfortable eating with them in the same dish you can ask them for a separate dish they will gladly give it to you.

Although western eating culture has been spreading very fast in Korea s that they can understand this situation that it can make a  negative impression for Korea so they can serve you in a separate dish. If you are stuck in this situation just ask them to serve you on a separate platter they will not mind it.

I hope you like my article. What thoughts do you have about Korea? must share with us.

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