Travel Guide to Korea

Seoul is the center and largest municipality of South Korea. It is situated in the Han rivers. Seoul was nominated as the Global Design Capital by the International Council of Industrial Design in 2010. The city has a humid continental environment, winters are usually colder, and summers are hot or humid.

Things to do in Korea

Places for visit

Unhyun palace: it is usually used as an exhibition, arts, performances, modern and creative dances area. The main attraction of the place is the re-enactment of the wedding of King Kojong and Queen Myongsong. It happens 2 times yearly.

Changnyeong palace:

it is known as the most peaceful and serene among all cities in Seoul.

Changdeok  Palace and Biwon garden:

Changdeok Palace presents an amicable environment where you can imagine that a king is enjoying his power on the top of a tree. Biwon garden is typically a backyard of a palace where the Royals are buried after death. It is also known as the hidden garden.

Deoksu palace:

It is the most accessible place in Seoul because it is located in the city’s center.

Jongmyo Shrine:

Dedicated to the spirits of the Korean royal ancestors. They still follow the original method of offering sacrificial gifts of food and drink in the original ceremonial vessels. The royal offspring and participants receive a rating as well as a pair of formal dances and music.

Gyeongbok Palace:

Situated in Sejongro, Seoul’s main boulevard. A palace near the Presidency, the Blue House.

Discover the museum

National Palace of the museum of Korea: Showcases the heritage of the Joseon family and the royal family.

National Museum Of Korea:

It is recommended to use an audio or video guide when visiting this large museum. It has many artifacts and 6 galleries.

War museum:

It has 6 showrooms that show a 5,000-year history of foreign invasions. Around the museum, the park features planes, tanks, and other fighting machines from the Korean War to the present day.

Seoul Museum of Art:

The museum has no walls on the street to enjoy the sculptures and landscaping from the outside. The 100-year-old tree is preserved with sculptures and artifacts that tell the story of Seoul’s past and present.

The story of King Sejong: Dedicated to showcasing King Sejong’s achievements. Liam, Samsung Museum of Art, National Folk Museum, Sedimon Museum of Natural History, Sea Museum, Seoul Railway Museum, Agricultural Museum, Embroidery Museum, Hejon Museum, King Sejong Great Memorial Hall, Korean National Police Heritage Museum are other museums in the city.

Enjoy the parks:

Seoul has many parks too. Hongreung Arbuterum, Seoul Forest, Namsan Park, Seoul Children’s Grand Park, Olympic Park, Seonyudo Park, Paris Park, and Seokchon Lake Park, Cheonggye Stream, Yeouido Park, Dosan Park, Yangjae Stream, Dream Forest, Yangjae’s Citizen Forest, Han River Park, World Cup Park, Enjoy these parks around town.

Nightlife in Seoul:

Gangnam (NightLife), Itaewon-dong (NightLife), Hongdae (Hongik University area), COEX Mall, Lotte World, Daehang-no (University Street), Yeongdeungpo (NightLife), Bangbae-dong Café Jong-no (Night Life), Dongdaemun (Night Life), Jamsil (Night Life), Street, Sinchon-dong (Night Life), You can visit these places and see how much fun it is at night in Seoul.

Go shopping:

There are many shopping malls in Seoul. You can shop until you drop.

Seoul is the center of Korea’s education, business, and modern culture. There are many activities such as visiting museums and palaces, parks and mountains, and amusement parks and nightclubs in this city. Lots to learn and lots of great things to do in Seoul, South Korea!

So whenever you visit Korea, you can visit all of the above places. You can enjoy all these places. Seoul is full of enjoyable places. You can learn more about Koreans and Korean culture by exploring Seoul, Korea. This is the most famous city in this country all over the world. It is full of Korean traditions, norms, and culture. Whoever visits Seoul falls in love with this city. So next time if you visit Korea you must explore this fascinating city. Best of luck with your journey!

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